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How do I contact Stonewear Designs?
We can be contacted over the phone Monday through Friday from 8:30 AM to 5 PM Mountain Time at 800 860 3653 or by email custserv@stoneweardesigns.com.

Where are Stonewear products made?
We manufacture most of our products in the USA. The fabrics are imported from Indonesia.

How do I wash my Stonewear clothes?
We recommend all of our products be machine (or hand) washed in cold water and line dried. Line drying will prevent shrinkage and extend the life of the product. You may iron the cotton products on the cotton setting on your iron. Products that contain polyester or nylon should be ironed with a cool setting. See care instructions on the product label.

How supportive are the bra tops?
One of the first products we made was a top with a support bra. Over the years we have evolved that to be one of the best on the market. We start with a quick dry bra fabric to keep you comfortable. We use a quality 1" elastic in the bra that we cover with the quick dry fabric. That reduces the uncomfortable "sweat line" that elastic against the skin causes and allows the band to withstand hundreds of washings.  

Our most supportive tops for larger cup sizes are the Double Cross (offered in both cotton and quickdry Dryflex) and the Electra Tank top.

Do we sell to retailers at wholesale prices?
We do offer wholesale terms to qualified retailers. For information on opening a wholesale account, please contact our customer service at custserv@stoneweardesigns.com or 800.860.3653 ext. 121 for a dealer packet.

Have you ever changed the size of the Stonewear Pant?
Yes, we did change the size of the Stonewear Pant in 2008. We added more room in the waist, seat and length per customer request. This helped to make a better fitting pant.  There is about an inch and a half difference in the waist, about three inches in the width of the leg opening and you may need to go down a size if you feel you were in between sizes.

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