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Back in the mid 1990’s a frustrated and talented climber and athlete decided to take life into her own hands and design rock climbing clothes for women. She was frustrated that nothing fit her wonderful curves or supported her girls. She wanted the same cute exercise clothes that all the girls with boyish bodies were able to buy but she wanted them to fit and make her look like a million bucks.

She had a mission. She was going to change history and design workout clothes for women that fit, flattered and lasted a long time. She started with a workout tank with a built in bra that pretty much changed the game. Then came the now famous Stonewear Pant, our not too tight workout pant. A cotton spandex pant that was so comfortable and long lasting that women return year after year to buy it.

That was the mid 90’s. And we have kept that passion growing ever since.  We are a woman’s brand, run by women and each and every one of us live a busy life but still take time to take care of ourselves and live the healthiest lives we can.And we all live diverse lives, so we design and make a broad range to fit all our needs.

Our passion is to design clothing that you will love. Love it because it is so comfortable, fits like nothing else, lasts a lifetime and most important makes you feel great about yourself.   So if you are a hiker, a runner, a yogini, an adventurer, a dog lover, or are committing to get back to the gym, we have the clothes to join you on those journeys.

Stonewear Designs is part of a larger organization, Great Trango Holdings Inc, which also owns brands:

Trango, eGrips, Tenaya and distributes SMC.